Wednesday, November 12, 2014

 So excited for our girl to finally be here!
 My best friend Katie and her Mom Marsha arrived right before we were about to begin pushing and we were able to pray and visit for a minute. So thankful for both of them!

 After just a couple pushes our little girl was born! So thankful!

 We love our doctor and nurse so much! We prayed for months that both of these women would be the ones to deliver and they both were there!!

 Proud Papa!!
 We love looking at her <3

Kelty's Birth...

So to anyone interested in how to birth of our sweet girl went I am compiling the highlights here. Those of you who know me know that we prepared and studied and had a very specific plan for how we were hoping labor would go. All along knowing that whatever the Lord has planned is perfect and I wanted to submit to His plan regardless of it was not what we were planning and praying for. 

Sunday Night (Nov 2)
- contractions started at 9pm (assumed it was nothing and went to sleep) 
Monday morning (nov 3)
- woke from contractions around 1am
- water broke at 1:50
- contractions became a little stronger and I woke Brett to go to the hospital around 2:30. 
- got to hospital at 3:30, they were unable to determine if water was broken  and sent us home at 6:30. 
- water cont. to come out in intervals 
- dr apt at 12:30 and she confirmed that it was my water that was broken. She agreed to let me labor on my own without any medical intervention until 2am. I thought for sure she would be born by then so we agreed to be put on pitocin at 2am if she was not born yet. 
- Brett and I ate "last supper" before being admitted to the hospital
- contractions had cont. to strengthen all throughout the morning and day
- admitted into hospital at 4 pm
- one cm dilated and 50% effaced. Had been that for over a week. 
- labored all afternoon and late into the night with no progress. Had been awake for over 24 hours now. 
- November 4th no progress still 1 cm. Pitocin was started at 2am
- contractions got stronger and closer together. 
-checked again at 8am. 3 cm. a little discouraging but contraction were still manageable. Painful but manageable. 
- Pitocin was increased at this time
- contractions became incredibly close and high intensity pain quickly after. Had to literally "labor" and work through each one
- 11 am checked again. 4 cm
- afterward the contractions became unbearable and I thought for sure I was dilated a lot. About 2 min apart. Vocally and rhymically have to move through each one. Becoming increasingly exhausted with each one and losing heart as to how much longer I could do this. 
- checked again at 12 pm. Needed some good news. Needed to be at least an 8 in my mind. I was only a 5cm. 
- broke down hard. Sobbing uncontrollably. Had nothing left in me to keep going. No way in my mind was I going to be able to go on. I could not function at all and each contraction was the worst pain of my life and I was not progressing like I should it had now been over 34 hours of labor and time since my water had broken. 
- Brett got everyone out of the room and he and I worked through it for a minute. He encouraged me and was such help to me in this moment. The worst physical pain of my life and I could not emotionally or mentally go on. He was everything I needed to hear in that moment. We prayed for the Lord to provide a way of relief.  I decided I wanted the epidural. ( something i avidly did not want pre labor) 
- our amazing nurse came in and helped us and encouraged us through that decision. 
- about 30 minutes later the epidural was in and relief was quick to follow. 
- we were thanking God for modern medicine at this time and saw the epidural as an answered prayer to the relief we begged for. 
-3 pm checked again. No progress, still 5cm. Dr was encouraging and was not ready to give up but did inform us if there was no progress the next time we checked we would probably have to move toward a C- section. 
- I was so thankful to not be in horrendous pain anymore and honestly just wanted her here. I absolutely did not want a C-section but I had surrendered my plans to the Lords and was willing and ready for whatever he wanted for Keltys birth. Mentally I was thinking we are going to have a C-section and I was ok with that trusting that if that was the case then the Lord had a good reason for that and that it would be for mine and her good. Very at peace with that. However we kept praying that I would progress and we had many friends praying the same thing at this time. 
-5pm checked again 9cm!! And just about ready to start pushing! 
-By 5:30 it was all systems go. Pushed once with the nurse and she was crowning. Waited on Dr to arrive. -Pushed through 2 more contractions and our baby girl was born!! Slid right out!!! When she was ready to come she was ready!! 

Kelty Joan Sampayo Barton was born at 5:51 pm November 4, 2014. Weighing 7 pounds 5oz, 20 inches long

We are so thankful to the lord for a safe and healthy delivery and baby girl which is what we prayed for all along. Learned many lessons through out the whole 44 hour labor. Thankful to God for his plan and trust it to be better than any we could ever come up with! The word Labor really took on a whole new meaning to me through this birth experience. So many emotions ran through me during this process. So many thoughts of the Lord and the light momentary affliction that we face on this earth compared to the excruciating pain that He felt when the sin of man was poured out on Him for our behalf. So thankful for the Gospel and what that means to me personally.